Our vision

Our vision is to see a safe, clean, and happy environment for every child and youth in Ethiopia to grow in; with access to education, health services, and equal opportunities.

Our Mission

ECYDO strives for equal opportunities for girls and boys and for Ethiopia without HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence. We believe that children and young people have the right to develop and live up to their potential, where nobody is forgotten aside.

Our areas of intervention

ECYDO works in six focus areas:

  • Male engagement in HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Sexual and reproductive health rights promotion
  • Fight against gender-based violence, including female genital mutilation, early marriage, and teenage pregnancy
  • Creation of equal opportunities and skills development
  • Removing barriers for disadvantaged groups in accessing education and services
  • Peace, democracy, and active engagement


The core values of ECYDO are the following:

Gender equity and equality: ECYDO strongly promotes gender equity and equality in its overall interventions.

Participation: ECYDO believes in active participation of stakeholders in the overall program of the organization including designing, developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluation of projects/programs. Active participation of stakeholders also involves decision making in every aspect of the program that affects their life.

Transparency and accountability: All programs and activities of ECYDO are performed in a very transparent way and ECYDO is accountable for each and every of its acts. Stakeholders and any interested member of the general public are entitled to question any of ECYDO’s performance and any other issues regarding the organization.

Volunteerism: Volunteerism is the core of ECYDO’s existence. Therefore, ECYDO recognizes the contribution of its volunteers and strongly encourages volunteerism in its intervention areas.

Nondiscrimination: ECYDO does not discriminate against anyone because of its color, ethnic background, religion, political affiliations, sex, social status, sexual orientation, and or any other forms of discrimination. However, ECYDO will not work with individuals and or organizations involved in any form of child abuse, and/ or are associated with organizations befitting from child labor, child trafficking, child abuse, and other such acts.

Integrity: ECYDO expects its staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and other partners to work with honesty and transparency.

Quality of services: ECYDO works aggressively to provide quality information and services for children and young people. Quality is our unique trademark. Quality of service for ECYDO is provision of child/youth friendly, well researched, participatory, standardized, and sustainable information and services to its beneficiaries.


ECYDO deploys a combination of the following strategies in order to achieve its goals and objectives;

Awareness creation: through innovative and well-researched strategies to create awareness on different issues including children and youth development related issues, RH/SR, HIV/AIDS, and related issues

Community sensitization and mobilization: sensitizing and mobilizing the community on children and youth development related issues, SRH, HIV/AIDS, and related issues;

Care and support: provision of care and support to address the psychosocial needs of disabled children and youth, PLWHA, OVC’s and their dependents through community-based home-based care service and referral service arrangements;

Child/Youth-friendly services: ECYDO facilitates the provision of quality and user-friendly services for children and young people through referral, social marketing, and other appropriate services.

Capacity building of CBOs: With the objective of empowering the community at the grassroots level to design, implement, and manage community-based interventions. This includes building the capacity of youth clubs/associations, women groups, Boys Groups, and other CBOs;

Strengthening and replicating  youth clubs and Associations: to meet the needs of children and young people and to address economic, social, political and health (sexual and reproductive health) issues, etc; and

Networking and partnership: ECYDO works with others in partnership and builds networking with like-minded organizations to scale up its effort.

ECYDO targets

  • Young people between 10-29 years of age
  • Adolescent girls and women
  • Disabled and Vulnerable Children and youth
  • Community and religious leaders
  • Community-Based Organizations including Youth Clubs/Associations, Iddirs, Women Groups, etc;
  • Women of childbearing age particularly girls in school-age
  • Local and national government officials