“Thanks to joining the boys’ discussion, I now accept my brother to help me in the kitchen. Before, I did not accept that, so the discussion helped me to change too. In my house, I’m not  allowed to discuss about gender and equality so the boys’ group helps me to express myself. These discussions strengthen me and my friends, but it also helps to talk there and tell my story. Now I realize that there are caring men and boys and not only violent boys”, Mekdess Demeke, girl participant in the PEPFAR project group discussion

”Before the group, I did not think that men and women are equal. Because of the messages and discussions, I got convinced. It also helped me to see that other friends share the view about equality. Now, I started to promote equality between men and women among others,” Reshad Abu, boys’ group member in the PEPFAR project

"Eshet showed me the path to my success" Salamawit Zelalem, participant in the Youth 2 Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health project

 “This boys’ group has tremendously changed most of us” participant in the project on male engagement

“I was aggressive towards my family. I used to quarrel with my mother especially and did not respect her. Now everything is different” participant in a project on male engagement



“I didn’t know my rights. I just went to school and did domestic work; fetching water and going to church. That was my life and I found it boring. My parents did not allow me to go to play with boys and discuss things, especially not my father. Later, I talked to him again and he heard good things about the boys’ group so that helped me to convince him. Finally, I went to the boys’ group and I enjoyed it. I like discussing things and I’m glad that this opportunity is there. Thanks for that, now I know my rights”

Wesene Hailu, PEPFAR project participant


“There was a lot of things affecting my family before, and I did not have any knowledge about equality. Now I help my mother. I can fetch water, care for babies and help in the kitchen. Before, I wanted only to play, maybe learn or do something outside; I did not want to do any housework. This has now changed and I want to help my mother,”

Estifanoss Kasu, PEPFAR project participant