With the love of open heart, we share the struggles of those living in poverty. Lets end poverty together.

We want a society where all children can enjoy their chilldhoods and fair chances in life to reach their full potential. Every child deserves protection, regardless of where she is born. We can start from joining forces to share knowledge and resources so that children can have better lives.

Are you ready to join hand to transform children's lives now?

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yourself and your peers about HIV/AIDS and the active role of each of us in it (link to the section Resources for the public to the HIV/AIDS prevention)



people around you, especially women and girls in exercising their sexual and reproductive health rights (link to the section Resources for the public to the Sexual and reproductive health rights)


Say No

to any form of violence, especially against women, female genital mutilation and early marriage (link to the section Resources for the public to the Gender-based violence, female genital mutilation and early marriage)



for equality of women and men, and for equal opportunities for all


Remove barriers

our society has created for persons with disabilities in education and accessing services



respect and tolerance towards all, regardless of gender, age, race or ethnicity.



with us to create inclusive, respectful Ethiopia


to enable us to reach even more people here. (the word “here” is a link to the Contact information including the bank account)

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  • 31 Projects
  • 23 Donners
  • 150K Youth and Adults Reached
  • 10M budget 2019/2020 in ETB

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