African Union, Political Affairs, Peace and Security Department (AU-PAPS) Award to Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization (ECYDO)

Our organization has received Award from African Union, Department of Political Affairs, Peace and Security. For our outstanding contribution in advancing the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda in Africa.

ECYDO is one of the selected and awarded organizations out of three youth-focused organizations in all African countries. The African Union Political Affairs, Peace and Security Department (AU-PAPS) through its Gender Peace and Security Programme (GPSP) and the Youth for Peace Africa (Y4P) Program has selected our organization to receive an award from AU-PAPS Awards Initiative for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working on youth, peace and security in Africa. The Awards Initiative Ceremony has been taking place at African Union Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on April 12 and 13 2023.

The award is for recognition of our outstanding contributions to advancing the Youth,
Peace and Security Agenda in Africa.

ECYDO conducted the new USAID-Strengthening IRC action Project Sensitization Workshop at Soljam Hotel Asella.

Date: October 5, 2022

Venue: Asella, Soljam Hotel

Eshet Children and Youth Organization have launched a sensitizing workshop on a  project entitled “Strengthening Christian-Muslim Relationship”(ORO061) funded by USAID Ethiopia, on October 5/022 at Soljam Hotel in Asellaa targeting various stakeholders of Asella town administration, Oromia regional state.  In terms of achieved results per the work plan -which is above 100%, 34 participants, 27 males, and 7 females attended the workshop.

The basic objectives of the workshop were; to create awareness among stakeholders about the project goal, strategy, and expected results, to enhance participants’ understanding of their role during implementation, to share experiences on the expected challenges, and create know-how implementation can be enhanced.

Based on the established selection criteria, the Inter-Religious Councils of Asella,  Religious leaders from Muslim, orthodox and protestant, Catholic,  Abba Gada &Hada Sinqes, Community representatives from the eight Kebeles of Asella town, Representatives from concerned offices of government were participated on the sensitization workshop and share their experience after the presentation prepared by Eshet Children and Youth Organization Executive Director that explained the organization track records and the current strengthening Christiaan- Muslim relation Project implementation plan.

Overall, the sanitization workshop was very interactive and fruitful. Participants have also admired the project as a timely and urgent priority of the town and promised that they can work together to achieve the intended objectives of the project. Participants have also strongly recommended the extension and continuity of the project, particularly if it addresses other districts beyond Asella town, where similar tension and conflicts exist, and school communities, which are the main areas of socialization.


Tijo Health Center was founded in 1995 as a small clinic and upgraded to a public primary health care center in 2008. Tijo health center is type B category and has 28 employees. This health center is visited by more than 80 patients per day. Earlier the intervention of ECYDO’s project, the health center had old delivery beds, 1 thermometer, 1 non-functioning stretcher, 1 old incinerator (needs to be repaired), and no ultrasound machine at all. Besides, the center has poor electricity and does not have a power generator nor a solar system and the health staff struggle to provide emergency services at night. Even though there were some water sources in a short distance to the center but the water comes rarely and is not distributed to the rooms efficiently. There were no rooms for surgeries and the center was forced to use one room for different purposes.

Thanks to GPI’s financial and technical support, currently Tijo health center has new additional 4 rooms to increase the scope and quality of health services provided especially for better maternal health (antenatal/postnatal care and delivery) and also in diagnostics and emergency cases. Build a fence (400m*2m) and entrance gate for the security of health centers. The project engaged in the provision of new medical equipment including ultrasound, delivery beds, stretcher, thermometer, and first aid kit. Furthermore, office equipment’s such as computers, 3in1 printer (scan, copy and print), and office furniture. The old incinerator was repaired in a better way for safe disposal of the medical waste and reduce risk of infections.  A better water system is set up to reduce the risk of infections and increase the standard of hygiene. A New Solar system was installed to increase the quality of health service even at night and to get a regular power system. Additionally, a capacity-building opportunity was facilitated for medical and administrative staff of the health center through training such as proper use of ultrasound, infections prevention during emergency care, data management, and health information system. In general, now basic limitations of the health center reduced and able to provide quality, accessible, effective, and efficient health service in the area.

Summary of project implementation status

  • A 400 meters long and 2 meters high-security fence with iron and mesh wire has been completed.
  • An entrance gate has been constructed with about 6 meters width and 2.5 meters height including the groundwork and drainage bridge. Now the Ambulance/automobiles and horse carts are able to enter the compound of the health center.
  • The water system has been completed and is available in all the necessary rooms
  • The solar panels have been installed for the source of electric power. Now the health center has 24 hours electric power and patients can attend at night.
  • A new building of four rooms with the length of 17.2 m and 6.6 widths including shower and toilet has been completed
  • An incinerator has been repaired and has already started the service
  • The health center has new medical equipment and office furniture which includes 1 ultrasound with 2 probes, 1 stretcher, 3 delivery beds, 6 thermometers, 3 emergency kits, 3 shelves, 3 desktop computers, 3 managerial chairs, 3 tables, 3 benches, and 1 printer with copy machine and scanner.
  • The health professionals and support staff have increased their skills as a result of 3 rounds of training
  • A vaccination calendar and information leaflet are prepared and put in place.  

Addooyyee Cluster establishes a safe space for adolescent girls in Bika Kebele. The official opening ceremony was conducted with the presence of Bike kebele, Lugo sub-city and City Administration officials, adolescent girls, and other community member representatives. Now safe spaces are ready for comprehensive service to adolescent girls !! services including counseling service, peer to peer discussion and learning, rest and recreation service, library service, socialization and build a social network, acquired contextual and relevant skill and access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information. A big thanks to the Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund for funding!!

Successful and colorful girls led Campaign conducted in Adama city Administration. Girls are able to plan, coordinate, and conduct this campaign by themselves and voice their issues related to violence against them to the general public. Girls can do it!!

Adolescent girls organized their own campaign against gender-based violence which they too often face in their communities. With the support Addooyyee cluster and the Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund, they stand up for their rights! Excited that I could be part of the team that put the project together and amplified the voice of the girls!

Thank you to Girls council members who actively involved in the campaign and be a model for other adolescent girls!!

We better listen to them!

#womenempowerment #gbv #genderequality #crc #rights


2nd round Comprehensive Training for “Sexual and Reproductive Health Doulas” on Family Planning, Pregnancy, and Safe Abortion” Started. The trainees’ Doulas were selected from Arsi Zone, Digeluna-Tuji District. The training is being held from Oct. 19 – Nov. 3 2020 at Segure Town. Thank you AmplifyChange for funding. hanks to Ato Addis Wordofa, lecturer at Arsi University, delivered the training in effective and quality manner. Hopefully, our SRH Doulas will meaningfully contribute to the reduction of Maternal Mortality as well as improve the lives of women at Tiyo District, Arsi Zone. (This contribution has also a direct linkage with indicators and targets set in the sustainable development goals (SDGs)). Thanks to AmplifyChange for funding this substantial intervention in the project target area.

We are very grateful to have Deputy Ambassador Mr. Jaroslav Zukerstein and Mr. Jonáš Vnouček Head of Development and Consular Affairs, First Secretary of Embassy of the Czech Republic Addis Ababa, in our today’s material handover ceremony for girl’s visual impairment.
Today we have provided, 1 brail printing machine, 16 laptops, 7 brail textbook, 3 audiobooks, 25 white cane, 15 audio records, 16 headphones, 6 games, 1 keyboard piano, and other materials for girls with visual impairment. The cost of all these materials estimated around 500,000 Ethiopian Birr.

Thank you very much to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for this important and necessary support on behalf of beneficiaries’ girls.

Thank to Slovak Agency for International Development Cooperation (Slovak Aid) Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization (ECYDO) was able to support basic food and other sanitary materials for 90 disabilities and other vulnerable groups in order to protect themselves from COVID-19. In the 1st round we supported 50 beneficiaries. During the event Mr. Drahomír ŠTOS, Ambassador of Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Addis Ababa and Permanent Representative to the African Union, attained and delivered a message to the beneficiaries.