BEST Girls – Being Empowered, Strong and Together project is a project implemented by 4 youth-led/youth focused grassroot organizations that has been working in partnership since the year 2017on various development projects. Using this existing synergy, the organizations came together and form a strong project implementing cluster called “Addooyyee” to implement BEST Girls project in Adama City Administration at Logo Sub-city, Bika kebele. The members of Addooyyee cluster CSOs includes Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization, Better Life for Women and Children Charity Organization, De La Salle Community Development Organization and Serk SRH and Development Youth Association

The ultimate goal of the project is working with adolescent girls is to recognize and wield their own power in order for them to demand the respect of their rights and exert influence over issues affecting their lives by the end of the project period.

Funding Agency: Child Rights and Violence Prevention Fund (CRVPF)

Implementation period: January 2020 – December 2021

Implementation area: Oromia Region, Adama City Administration, Logo Sub-city Bika Kebele  

The project will promote the education of girls among themselves and their families. Half of girls in Oromia get married before they reach 17.4 years of age. Once they get married, a vast majority drops out of school to take care of the household. They do not use their full potential. In addition, women with low or no education are according to the Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey 2016 more vulnerable to poverty, experiencing gender-based violence, have limited access to health care and maternal health care, including delivery with a professional assistance and therefore threatening their lives or the lives of their child. Children of mothers with low or no education are less likely to get proper vaccinations and more likely to be undernourished. The project will explain to girls and their families the impact of low education and benefits of higher education, provide girls with live and business skill trainings, link them with employers, education and financing opportunities. Counselors will be established at schools to assist girls to develop their individual plans to continue school if necessary, to assist them in gaining support from their families. By economic and social empowerment of girls and shift of attitudes in the society, we will reduce traditional practices, such as early marriages and teenage pregnancy, enhance education of girls, and prevent poverty and pertaining negative phenomena.

Funding Agency: ETHIOPIAID UK

Implementation period: September 2018 – July 2019

Implementation area: Oromia Region, Arsi Zone, Bekoji, Digelona Tijo (sagure), Tiyo and Dodota Districts

The project breaks through educative and entertaining activities, as a natural way of communication, the silence on female genital mutilation (FGM). It gives space to open inter-generation and intergender dialogue, sets role models and ambassadors speaking out against the practice, and overcomes the fear of social exclusion when FGM not performed. It provides information about the negative consequences of FGM, and eliminates myths related to FGM, for example, that the ritual is required by religion or that not circumcised wife will not be faithful. The project engages, sensitizes, and strengthens services involved in FGM prevention and response, communities and grassroots organizations to enhance the movement against FGM, cooperates closely with religious leaders and elders who have the trust of the communities and the ability to influence their attitudes. A regional celebrity supports the project and speaks out actively against the practice to set an example.



Funding Agency: The Girl Generation

Implementation period: September 2018- February 2019

Implementation area: Oromia Region, Arsi Zone, Tiyo and Dodota Districts