In Ethiopia, many young people search for jobs to gain their living. Due to limited skills and employment opportunities, they often end-up in poverty. On the other hand, there are missing services in the country. The project inspires young people to solve both – by Active Citizenship and Social Enterprise. Active Citizenship encourages people to play an active role in the society and its development, and to actively search for and create solutions. One of the tools to do so, can be Social Enterprises – for – profit businesses using commercial mechanisms to improve well-being of a community. Based on these two concepts, the project motivates young people to reflect on their identity and position in communities. It gives them confidence to take responsibility for problems in the society, and provides them with skills and guidance for addressing these problems, identifying resources, developing social business ideas, planning and making these ideas a reality. The project engages micro-finance and public institutions and mobilizes communities to support young people in their efforts. The project is implemented in nine target areas characterized by high poverty and unemployment rates in seven regions of Ethiopia. ECYDO focuses on Addis Ababa.


Funding Agency: The British Council

Implementation period: October 2018 – April 2020

Implementation area: Addis Ababa, Yeka sub-city woreda 9,10,11 and 12