The project breaks through educative and entertaining activities, as a natural way of communication, the silence on female genital mutilation (FGM). It gives space to open inter-generation and intergender dialogue, sets role models and ambassadors speaking out against the practice, and overcomes the fear of social exclusion when FGM not performed. It provides information about the negative consequences of FGM, and eliminates myths related to FGM, for example, that the ritual is required by religion or that not circumcised wife will not be faithful. The project engages, sensitizes, and strengthens services involved in FGM prevention and response, communities and grassroots organizations to enhance the movement against FGM, cooperates closely with religious leaders and elders who have the trust of the communities and the ability to influence their attitudes. A regional celebrity supports the project and speaks out actively against the practice to set an example.



Funding Agency: The Girl Generation

Implementation period: September 2018- February 2019

Implementation area: Oromia Region, Arsi Zone, Tiyo and Dodota Districts