The project aims at increasing access to quality and youth-friendly sexual and health information and services to the targeted young people, improving their knowledge in the area, challenge their attitude about gender roles, and motivating young people to make safe and informed sexual and reproductive health-related decisions. The project foresees also improvement of technical and leadership capacity of 300 young people who would talk to their peers about sexual and reproductive health issues, such as physical changes in puberty, HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, early marriage, female genital mutilation, or gender-based violence and become agents of change. Parents, school communities, and service providers were closely involved in the project implementation in order to increase the capacity of the institutions to provide adequate, youth-friendly services.

Funding Agency: The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Implementation period: October 2017-September 2019

Implementation area: Addis Ababa, Yeka sub-city Salaysh and Wondyrad primary schools and Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy