The project is designed to empower the community in the target area to participate actively in the development and democratization process, peace-building, and solutions of socio-economic issues causing frustration and representation often a root cause for conflicts.

The project objectives are designed based on the cause and effect analysis of the problem. Based on the problem analysis, this Action builds on five pillars corresponding to the underlying causes of conflict mentioned above. It will Strengthen and provide platforms for dialogue between conflicting parties, between generations and genders to emphasize shared values, promote respect to each other, coexistence, trust-building, and appreciation of diversity; Build capacity of youth and indigenous social groups in understanding their identity other than their ethnicity, think about and stress out their role in the society and in conflict resolution for greater social cohesion; Encourage community members to take active part in peacebuilding and in finding solutions to local issues, increase participation, awareness, and influence of youth and women in peacebuilding and in issues impacting the country’s reform agenda; Provide communities with a better understanding of democracy, rule of law, respect to law and promote active citizenship and Encourage the communities to enhance the accountability of local authorities by active engagement of community members.

The General objective of the project is to contribute towards the national effort in enhancing citizens’ engagement in peacebuilding and improving attitudes, perceptions, and skills in regard to coexistence, trust-building, and an appreciation of diversity. While the specific objectives of the project are 1) Increased participation, awareness, and influence of the community particularly the youth in the promotion of culture, intercultural dialogue, trust-building, and the appreciation of diversity to advance peace-building goals in the country 2) Enhanced capacity of the community, the youth, women, and elders, to be active players in peace-building 3) Increased inter-generational and inter-cultural dialogue among communities, the youth, women, and elders, in peace-building and democratization processes

Funding Agency: European Commission Civil Society Fund III

Implementation period: February 2020 January 2023

Implementation area: Oromia Region, Arsi Zone, Asella City Administration