The goal of “Inclusively friendly SRHR” is advancing SRHR of youth with visual impairment ages 14 – 25 in Ethiopia through improving their knowledge in SRHR by developing Braille and Audio SRHR dictionary and shape coded menstrual cycle tracking bracelets by June 2020. It aims to ensure that SRHR education is not only youth-friendly but also inclusive of youth with visual impairment. The project will develop an SRHR dictionary in Braille and audio and Menstrual Cycle tracking bracelets that are shape coded. The target groups are high school students with visual impairment supported by Together! Ethiopia Charity organization and College students with visual impairment supported by Tsehay Zewde memorial scholarship at Addis Ababa University. It will extend for 1 year. The project will be conducted by Mahlet Alemayehu (M.D), Youth Champion 2019, along with youth from different sectors including disability advisors, Medical Doctors, and students with visual impairment supported by Together Ethiopia Charity organization and Tsehay Zewde memorial scholarship showing the importance of applying a multisectoral approach to advance SRHR. Through the project, health care professionals and health care leaders will also be trained on addressing the barriers youth with visual impairment face within health institutions.

Funding Agency: Public Health Institute (PHI)

Implementation period: November 2019 – November 2020

Implementation area: Addis Ababa