In Ethiopia, 95 percent of all persons with disabilities are estimated to live in poverty (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs). Many depend on family support and begging for their livelihoods. On the other hand, The partner organization SCPDA runs a school for 20 children with visual impairment in Bishoftu the children are provided educational special attention to reading and writing in Braille after they graduate from this special school they are sent to regular schools. Due to the high number of pupils in the classes, no special attention can be given to the children with visual impairment. This Lack of educative materials for children with visual impairment makes the integration even more difficult. The project has equipped the children with basic tablets, embosser (Braille printer), recorded 5 new missing textbooks, teachers training and community awareness creation. The project involves local governments and SCPDA and also works with the communities to eliminate the stigmatization of blindness and to motivate communities to support blind people and children.

Funding Agency: Czech Republic Development Cooperation, Addis Ababa

Implementation period: April 2019- September 2019

Implementation area: Addis Ababa and Bishoftu city Administrations